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I’ve been watching way to many of these; but, I’ll be o.k!

My favorite Madden simulation guys want to wait till sometime later this week; tomorrow, maybe friday or, maybe Saturnday. But, regardless, I’ve watched like 10 of these, and I have two left I suppose – Simulation Nation, and another new guy who replaces the Madden commentary with his own.

But, the Madden simulations counts that I’ve seen is like 8 to 2 Bucs wins! I’ve seen two Bucs losses so far; one was a blowout, and the other was like 52 to 44 or something. The 52 to 42 was a lot of Madden Brady ints for Tds. And yes, I’ve seen this Bucs blowout linked above. I think that one has a Ronald Jones 80 plus yard Td.

Well, looking forward to two more! Plus the actual Superbowl! I’m not making my predictions yet.

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