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I no more think Antifa are representative of the Democrats than QAnon is representative of the Republicans. QAnon are more than likely vote for a Republican just as Antifa are more likely to vote for Democrats. Neither one will denounce them whole heartedly because they are their voters.

The Anti-fascist movement, which antifa models itself on are primarily communist, socialist and anarchist. They are revolutionaries and will therefore vote for, and support Democrat politicians as they serve a useful purpose. Google Militant Tendency, it was an organization in the 70’s and 80’s in the UK that worked within the Labour Party to influence policy and direction. This is the modus operandi of these groups.

The current form of Antifa might be that of a Street Organization right now, but already we see their influence in the way some politicians refer to them. Just look at AOC and “The Squad”. They are a small group right now but they are representative of what Antifa would like to see the Democrats to become. If/when the Democrats are no longer a useful tool they will be jettisoned.

The big difference between Antifa and QAnon is that they have a distinct purpose and by and large, QAnon are just a bunch of idiots.