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Spartan, the Republican Party is in a civil war right now between Trumpism and its embracing of the likes of QAnon and Proud Boys and the nonsense of the insurrection, and the traditional conservative GOP who wish Trump would move to Antarctica. Whether you choose to acknowledge that or not is neither here nor there.

As a Democrat, I love seeing the other party in turmoil. As an American, I hope the Republicans can rid themselves of this cancer on our nation. But you know if you want to beat lung cancer, you better stop putting that smoke in your lungs. If you want to beat the cancer of Trumpism, you’re going to have to rid yourself of Trump. There’s no other way around it.

Despite the fact that it would totally deflate the Democrats and force them to actually be about something, despite the fact that this would be totally the worst thing ever for the Democrats, I do wish Trumpism and all the nonsense would die off and America can continue to move forward.