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With all due respect, I appreciate that’s the narrative you are being fed, and it’s the narrative the Democrats and media want you to believe, but QAnon is virtually a non existent entity for most common run of the mill Conservatives and Republicans. Don’t even start on the Proud Boys.

From wiki:

“The total number of Proud Boys members is unknown. Reports estimate membership between several hundred up to 6,000.[60][61][62] In July 2018, the Proud Boys L.A. branch had 160 members and up to 300 pending applicants, according to the unidentified Proud Boys L.A. president”

They have a bit of a stronghold in the Pacific Northwest where Antifa is also very strong I hasten to add, and that’s pretty much it.

If you honestly believe that the Republican Party is being over-run by QAnon and the Proud Boys you really should start looking for some alternative sources of information.