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My eldest daughter is an avid antifa supporter. She voted for Biden. She also quote unquote “hates” him. He is not “their” candidate of choice, but he is “not Trump”.

It isn’t a matter that they don’t “support” the Democrat party, it’s a matter that they vote Democrat, and use them as a tool. What’s worse, no Democrat has criticized them directly. They will nuance a bit, but not really.

2 members of congress support QAnon. Whoopy di doo. Out of how many? And one of those disavowed that support today. So we now have 1. A whopping grant total of 1. How many members of Congress are members of the Democrat Socialists of America? 5. And 1 senator. So is the Democratic party now this hive of Communists?

I maybe twisting like a pretzel, but at least I am not ignoring reality.