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Of course, logic doesn’t come easy to some people (like JBear), but I’ll try anyway. Why do people uproot their families and make a dangerous trip to another country? So they can roam around the countryside? No. People move to where the jobs are. And who’s hiring them? The rich, the middle class or the poor? Well I can tell you I’m middle class and I don’t have a nanny. I mow my own lawn. I don’t belong to a country club. I don’t have a laundry service or a maid. I don’t own a construction company or a landscaping service.

If you want to stop immigration, tell the 1%ers to stop hiring illegal immigrants! Problem solved! But they aren’t going to do that. They are perfectly happy with the status quo of making them out to be drug dealers and criminals in public, while in private taking advantage of their cheap labor to increase their profits.

Now the rich aren’t always Republican, but they are more often than not. About 60%. Forbes reported out of the 50 richest families in the United States, 28 donate to Republican candidates. Another seven donate to Democrats. Additionally, 15 of the richest families in the U.S. donate to both parties.

So, JBear, you may have seen some zombies or something if you saw some people out wandering around. But the illegal immigrants come here to work for the mostly Republican rich folks. And if the $15 minimum wage goes nationwide its only going to get worse. We need immigration reform where these people can come here in an organized way, be documented,have some kind of laws apply to them regarding pay, and pay income taxes for the services they use such as health care, roads, etc. And so they don’t become victims of crimes because they can’t call law enforcement. But if they pay income tax that is going to force the 1%ers to have to pay them more, so don’t hold your breath.

Even Trump had to fire the undocumented workers at Mar-A-Lago, but I’m guessing they are back by now. Trump isn’t stupid. He’s not going to pay minimum wage.

If you want to crack down on illegal immigration stop trying to build a wall across half the country and crack down on the hiring of them. If they don’t have jobs they’ll go back home. But as I said, that’s not going to happen is it JBear?