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The way the Q players have duped and suckered the multitudes that they have would be freaking hilarious if it wasn’t so extremely dangerous for this country …

Very true. It reminds me of Heaven’s Gate, minus the castrations and Comet.

Also, they’re not waiting a space ship. They believe that the space ship is owned by the Rothschild’s, and it’s shooting laser beams into California in order to allow (insert anti-Semitic word of choice here) to become more wealthy from wildfires.

Tbh, in re-thinking, Heaven’s Gate peeps made more sense.

I want to see a “religious” war break out. The Scientologists are being edged out by these whack jobs, so I think they should rise up, get into their spacecraft and start battling the Q peeps. Control of the brainwashed souls of the country is at stake.

Scientology vs Q. Coming soon to a military theatre near you. 😃

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.