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How did we get to… “If you want to stop immigration”. ?

And the one percenters? Again? Seriously? Do you even hear yourselves?

The one percenters are capitalists, living off capital which is what you guys hate about them in the first place. Now, when it’s convenient, they’re large employers feeding off the tears of poor migrant children. How? Because they benefit sometimes from putting their capital behind companies who hire illegals? What about all the small businesses who hire illegals? The fact is that those small businesses hire the vast majority of illegal labor. That and the black market economy which is often fueled by legal immigrants perhaps a generation removed from being illegal themselves. Paying cash to illegals to work in their restaurants and homes.

The super rich are not your problem Roy although I could see how a person who gets all their news from inside the bubble might think that. The super rich and large companies rightly fear breaking the laws. Because they rightly understand that a large chunk of the population has it out for them anyway.

And BTW, my wife is an immigrant. I understand first hand how many hoops you have to jump through, how many fees you have to pay, months you have to wait, to immigrate legally. I’ve worked with and know personally many immigrants who are just as against illegal immigration as I am. Because they understand it’s hurting them and their families.

But do you know who’s hurt the most by illegal immigration? The most uneducated, least skilled among us. I’m talking about those wandering bands of homeless who’s tent cities are springing up even in lovely Florida for the first time in my lifetime on this scale. I have never seen in my life until recently, public parks in my home town, filled with tent cities. I am 43 years old and this is the worst in my lifetime. Those are the people I was speaking of earlier.