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A couple things. First, on the “we’re Not Gonna Take It”, Quiet Riot called. They want royalties for stealing their title, and they want their song back.

Second, as others have mentioned, last I checked, President Biden is in the Oval Office and cleaning house. Also, MTG has been relinquished to cutting out paper dolls for the next two years, plus fund-raising. I guess “Radical Islam” and “Space Lasers” got the last laugh on that vacuous bimbo. Even people in her district want her to resign.

On your Q in general. You are no longer permitted to use that long-ass “we go all” bullshit, as I doubt that they will be following the ones that will be going to Federal Prison. As a result, I suggest they change their slogan to just the three words that they truly believe: “Fear the Negro”.

(It’s a good thing that they’ll be hiding out in their basements, as the FBI is currently on their asses, and they can’t even cross the border, due to other countries listing those groups as terrorist organisations. I wonder how the US will remedy the rule on not supporting nations that support terrorist groups, as the US is now among those nations that support terrorist groups?) 😂

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.