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I guess you haven’t noticed those checks they keep sending out. I think you’re a world traveler so I’m a little surprised that you don’t understand how much motivation is instilled in a person coming from Africa, South America, Asia and even a good part of Europe when they hear that our government is handing out what may as well be like a million dollars to three quarters of the world just for having a social security number.

A lot of you guys are pretty smart but it amazes me how hard you all work to ignore the obvious when it’s working against your agenda.

Just for those who aren’t world travelers:

A teacher in Ukraine…. thats Europe by the way, makes about the equivelent of $280.00 per month. And that’s considered a good paying job. That’s probably on the high side for that 3 quarters of the world I mentioned above.

My wife’s mother who’s never been in this country knows about stimulus and who the heck can blame her.

I just wish you guys would stop being so daft.