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No, JBear, you missed the entire point. They are already in. The Wall is just the biggest political stunt in history since that one in China which didn’t work either. I don’t care if you finish the wall. Its not going to stop them, because the rich people and businesses who hire them, including Donald J. Trump, need them. You don’t think he’s got them back working at Mar-A-Lago right now? They will make sure there is a way for them to get in.

IMO We do need to control and regulate the amount of people who can come in. I’m not in favor of sanctuary cities or open borders. The only way to do that is to address the root cause: The employers. Forcing all employers to document who they are hiring and tough consequences for those who don’t comply. Then you have to decide how many you really want to let in to do the work that needs to be done. You can’t just shut it off even i you had the means to do that. It would send the economy into a nosedive. Those immigrants are needed to do work that other people won’t do.

I don’t remember Trump doing anything about cracking down on the employers. Do you?