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I guess you haven’t noticed those checks they keep sending out. I think you’re a world traveler so I’m a little surprised that you don’t understand how much motivation is instilled in a person coming from Africa, South America, Asia and even a good part of Europe when they hear that our government is handing out what may as well be like a million dollars to three quarters of the world just for having a social security number.

There are a few points you miss here. First, if you are in the country illegally, you do not get a Social Security Number. This is, in part, why illegals can’t work a lot of jobs. Employers are required to have employees fill out a Form I-9. An install alien cannot fill out an I-9, as they do not have the documentation to provide that an I-9 requires.

Also, how does an African or Asian succeed in entering the country? They can’t walk across the border, and I seriously doubt that they would come by boat. It’s difficult enough for an African to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Have you ever attempted to cross the Atlantic in anything that they would have access to on the West coast of Africa? People can barely make it here from Cuba, and those are much calmer waters.

I’ll make it easy to break down.

No papers = No Green Card

No Green Card = No Social Security Number

No Social Security Number = No Access to Banking* & No Checks from SSA.

*Granted, there is an out, which I used to use to get bank accounts for non-residents that we would bring in for periods of time on special entertainment visas. You must be aware, though, that this is only for extreme cases. I was able to accomplish this in Washington D.C., and is a very slim rule that allows embassy workers, which are never US Citizens, to perform banking needs while in the US. This is not an easy process, btw.

Here’s a fun point that also highlights difficulties of foreign nationals to engage in various forms of work:

Phil Collins was nominated for an Academy Award for the song Against All Odds, from the film of the same title. At the Awards Ceremony, he was sitting in the audience and his song was presented on-stage by Ann Reinking. The reason that he could not perform his song at the Oscars was because he was not in the US on the proper Visa to perform the song.

(This is also why you rarely see The Rolling Stones ever get too political. They have residences here; however, if they got too political, the government could make it tough on them to have the level of entry that they enjoy. As such, while they are not unfamiliar with controversy, they stay out of US politics.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.