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Leading up to the Washington game all we heard was “how can we stop that defensive line?” And we shut them down. Then it was “the Saints own us!” Then we handled them. Next came “how can you possibly stop the best offense in the NFL?” And we slowed them down. Would have blown them out SB 37 style if it wasn’t for Brady’s 3 late picks. Now, for two weeks, it’s all “how can you stop the incredible Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce?”

I think our defense thrives on this crap. With a change of 3 O-linemen, and the fact we have Vea back, I think Mahomes is going to find himself very uncomfortable in that pocket. We just need to be disciplined on the edges and hem him in. I fully expect them to take Hill out of the game as much as possible and try to reduce the damage Kelce can do. I also expect the offensive adjustments will allow our offense to score enough points to win this. Add in the chaos from Reid’s son being in a DUI crash involving children, and the negative distractions that come with it, and I see the Bucs taking care of business at home and lifting the Lombardi when all is said and done.