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None of that applies when you just walk up to the border and demand asylum and Uncle Joe plops you down without a covid test in the middle of a population center. Then you are not an illegal even if you are waiting for a determination.

Catch and release, coupled with reversing of the Trump policy that demanded that people ask for asylum from their own countries will be a blight on all of us.

Why the knee jerk from the left on immigration? Because Trump was a racist and all his policies were put in place because he’s a racist white supremacist asshole who hates everyone but rich white people….. bear with me, I’m illustrating my point.

The inability for Liberals to separate the Trump/Trumper prejudices and hatred that they all have from reality is setting a very big trap for Progressives. Because of Trump the current “korrect” view is a reversal on a half century of immigration policy. Suddenly it’s inhumane to enforce the border, to restrict entry into our country because someone’s feelings may get hurt. This was a radical view even among Democrats a decade ago but now, suddenly the radical view seems to have taken hold with the current “Ultra moderate” Uncle Joe Biden. Funny how everyone knew that would happen but nobody on the left would talk about it when there was an election on. You’d think now might be a good time to reflect on all this.