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JBear I realize that you are concerned about the deficit, so I am sure you are glad to see Trump out of there.

That’s really funny. Are you saying this administration will be better for the deficit? I really do hope so but I wonder if that happens if you will give credit where it will invariably be due…. The GOP shit show. Because that’s the only thing keeping this administration from nuking the deficit.

I know your rebuttal because Fire says it all the time… “But Joe is a moderate” Well, even if you’d try to make the case that Joe left to his own devices would somehow spend less money than Trump even with his GND light and never ending stimulus etc, It’s not a reasonable argument to pretend the rest of the Democratic party doesn’t exist because you have a radical left wing, some of which doesn’t believe in economics (MMT) even though she supposedly has a degree in economics. (AOC) She’s not the only one either.