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1. Hunt’s kid had a toy called a Super Ball and that gave him the idea to call the game between the NFL and AFL the Super Bowl.

2. Jimmy Johnson (Miami “Criminal Gables” Hurricanes” and Dallas Cowboys)
Barry Switzer (Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys)
Pete Carroll (USC Trojans and Seattle Seahawks)

3. Don Shula (Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins)
Dan Reeves (Denver Broncos and Atlanta Failcons) I spelled it that way on purpose. LOL
Mike Holmgren (Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks)
John Fox (Carolina “Hillbilly Kitties” Panthers and Denver Broncos

4. Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos)

5. Craig Morton (Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos)
Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos)
Kurt Warner (St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals)

How did I do?