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Unless its a bang bang open release situation where a guy comes through the line, chances are you might lose.
Idc who gets sick of me saying it.The KC Chiefs get away with more holding than what should be allowed. People think its always Mahomes creating and buying time , which a lot of times he does.
However there’s a good half dozen plays a game where guys are grabbed n held onto just to buy that extra half second to get the ball off.

Keep in mind those plays generate HUGE dollars. No different than Jordan post 92′. Great player! Best in the NBA but he got away with tons in regards to officials. If you breathed on him and he missed it was a foul.

For me, just how much will our pass rush have to overcome to compensate is about 20% of determining this outcome. Ill be the first to admit that the officiating in GB absolutely benefited our secondary. So in that same vein, if they allow SMB n CD3 to be physical and grabby then it will offset KCs holding tendencies.The issue with that is every replay of WR/DB is broken frame by frame looking for any type of little hand placement.
A back pedal, drifting back big pass play doesn’t dissect each blocker.

Again I’m not a ” blame the refs” guy. However if they call a strict game on the back end but allow for it up front? We will get the short end of that. Nobody with a straight face can tell me that an Oline with 3 backups from the original line up can hold off the best front 7 in NFL.

However the masses, including the zebras ALREADY believe that any big play under duress is Mahomes natural ability that creates the play. Its already ENGRAINED in people’s subconscious!!
Who’s gonna be the ref to toss a flag after Mahomes just dodged and dipped and escaped by a hair to rip a 3rd and 18 to Watkins?? Even though Barrett is clearly arm barred or has his jersey grabbed to allow the time? Even if just for a second or two. That’s all it takes..
NONE of them, that’s who.