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None of that applies when you just walk up to the border and demand asylum

Just curious. Have you ever tried “just walking up to the border”?

Not cruising, but are you aware that, in Mexico, there is a roughly one hundred mile DMZ (for last of a better term) that only allows certain citizens of Mexico to cross into. Yeah, there are ways around it. There used to be ways around the Berlin Wall. It’s just not a simple ride, or a short hike.

Most prior who live in this shithole country have never even been beyond the borders of this shithole country. The rest of this planet isn’t how most people here imagine it, just like a good number of people in Asia and other places have pre-conceived ideas about this continent that are also inaccurate. (This is why the vast number of people I would meet in other countries just assumed I was British. I worked for a UK network and travelled on UK reservations. One of the funniest gaffs was starring in Israel, where the hotel software, on my invoice listed my address as Rockville, Maryland, United Kingdom. Yeah, their software allowed Maryland to exist in England.)

Side Note: Try walking up to any border in Israel. I was even uneasy working five miles from the Gaza Strip. Fortunately our hotel was always in Jerusalem. The airport was in Tel Aviv.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.