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And the misfortune of earning a government paycheck for most of your life unless I misheard you.

I worked my ass off for every dime ever paid to me by this shithole country.

FWIW, my salary roughly tripled when I went into UK television, plus UK benefits meant six weeks paid holiday, plus bank holidays for both US and UK, plus sick leave meant, if you were sick, you sought medical attention. There was no limit on being sick. Also, FWIW, never did I see anyone, across all six continents, (no studios in Antarctica), abuse sick leave.

I reiterate I hold no fucking Allie glance to this shithole country, filled with a shitload of self-entitled assholes that comprise 5% of the world’s population while utilising 50% of it’s natural resources.

This country has fucked itself over, with no one else to blame. While other countries took over the lead in manufacturing, agriculture, and embraced a global economy, this country became a nation based primarily on service industry and subsidies for agriculture, due to the fact that US agricultural products are banned in a number of nations, due to mass processing and GMOs, leaving only China and third world nations as the only consumers of US exports.

This country died out when unions did, and the only thing left is tourism. Even the vast majority of the entertainment industry is more global. You’ll notice that Sony bought out most of Hollywood, along with Disney.

So, should you lament the raising of the middle class, it was squeezed out by the 1%, who control most of the wealth here.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.