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But I’m usually a humbucker guy myself. Love a good crunchy sound.

Very true. I always loved that sounds, too. It was a tough choice, way back when, though.

In the 60s, at a young age, I learned on acoustic. I couldn’t really afford my first electric guitar until 1981. (During the 70s, I sunk all of my $$ into cars, plus I had to pay for my own tuition for high school.)

I was really conflicted; however, I went with a strat. Overexposure to Clapton was probably the main reason. I was also always amazed at how he played seeing him live. (I also sunk the rest of my $$ into concerts from the 70s through up until not too long ago. These days, I’m more picky about buying tix.)

Granted, I always loved the heavier sounds, too. I just never thought I could ever pull off the still Jimmy Page could do on stage. (I still can’t, but I love the sound.)

I kinda miss the days of hitting multiple concerts each week. Getting old sucks. I still continue to do as much damage as possible to my hearing, though. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.