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I’m at about a 6/10.

The front 7 is going to have one helluva game if we win. Shaq and JPP need to get home quick, Vea needs to destroy the pocket from the inside, we need White and and David to be incredible in coverage. We’re probably going to need a turnover or two as well. I don’t see a way we shut down Kelce, I believe he’s going to feast while we try to contain Tyreek.

On offense I think we’re going to need to pound the rock, the Chiefs love to play 2 high safeties, they play a lot confusing zone schemes. We need to establish the run game, and punish them with timely play action calls. We need to start quick and score points early, you can bet that defense wants nothing more then to pin their ears back and blitz Brady.

BA needs to be aggressive, and go for it on 4th and 1. He needs to be aggressive and not settle for short field goals and go for it on 4th and goal.

We can win this game, they are not unbeatable… but they’re definitely the Final Boss. LFG BUCS!