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I think the team is a lot more confident in themselves than the sportswriters are in the team. However, it’s the team that matters, they play the game. I feel very confident because they are peaking now, and while Mahomes and the offense is spectacular, so was Rodgers and Green Bay at home.

My fear are the teams that play great defense. The Saints and Washington were those teams, and I think beating the Saints in NO did a lot more for the Bucs than some experts realize. While KC schemes well, I don’t think they have a great defense. I think the Bucs can deal with KC’s possible excessive blitzing, as the Bucs’ offensive line has gotten stronger since the teams last played. The Raiders had the perfect response to KC’s defense, although they themselves did not have the defense to stop KC. In contrast, Tampa Bay has the defense to create a lot of havoc, and 2 takeaways could make all of the difference. Stop the run, pressure the QB.

There is also the psychological edge that nobody is talking about. I think the Bucs will do anything possible not to lose a Super Bowl in their own stadium. They know that a loss is something they will have to live with every time they play a game at home–until the Stadium is torn down. Let’s not go there.

Go out and win. All of us are cheering from wherever we are!!!!!