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People have to remember. Bucs had no Vea or Dean, AB wasn’t ingratiated into the offense and were playing their 12th straight game when the teams met in the regular season. The Chiefs had a bye two weeks before then played a Raiders team they had already previously played and they had Eric Fisher…yet the Bucs only came up short by 3. Outscoring them 24-10 in the last three quarters. Now, Fisher is out, Reid is distracted I don’t care what any of the media that wants us to lose is saying and we are rested and relatively healthy. At home. After Brady had (for him) a bad game against the Packers. And we have
reinforcements. Bucs are going to serve up a ton of crow when they pulverize the Chefs today. Bucs win by at least two possessions making the non-Bucs fans sad when Brady kneels in victory formation for his 7th Super Bowl and the SECOND for the Tampa Bay Bucs. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!