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Absolutely. I miss concerts in the 70s & early 80s, when you would see a smoke cloud covering to upper area of an arena and you couldn’t hear for about a week. 😃

It’s hard to really say who was the loudest. Aerosmith was up there. They even paid the fine to crank the amps and play past hours during the 90s. I can’t render which for it was, but the opening band was Guns ‘n Roses Appetite for Destruction. (Amazing their first album tour was done as an opening band. They rose up fast. The venue was Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia, Maryland. (By then, that venue had noise and time restrictions, which IMHO was wrong. The venue was built in 1967, yet the condos and houses didn’t go in until the 80s. You don’t but a house next to an airport, knowing it’s an airport, and gripe about noise. During the late 90s, I could listen to concerts from my balcony. One I got for free, via balcony, was Aretha Franklin.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.