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Bat … shit … crazy doesn’t do this one justice.

OMFG, you are so right it isn’t funny. I almost wet myself reading these posts. I’m wondering when it reaches “Heaven’s Gate” level and they believe they have to leave their celestial bodies to join Trump as a higher being.

Just when you thought the airports were finally safe, and they’ve cleared out the Krishna’s and the Witnesses, another one comes to take their place. Ugh. At least they’re beyond print media, so no replacement for The Watchtower on the horizon. 😂

@OT, I’ve warned you. You really need to stay away from the Brown Acid; however, if you ever find a decent dealer, let me know. (Acid isn’t something one should do on a whim.)

Also, @OT. You better watch out. I WILL buy Rumble dot com, and when I take over the writing, you’ll never know the difference; however, if you ever read an article there about a “Group Nude-In at the Indy 500 Parking Lot “, you’ll know that I could now be authoring your “source” of “info?”

Once you get bored / deprogrammed from the Q stuff, you need to jump into the Landover Baptist site, which is the only place you can buy a Jesus Thong. 😃

Two final points: First, when they get to the “Celestial Body” line, don’t drink the kool-aid. It never ends well.

Second, since your deep into the “know”, could you give me the closest location from Clearwater to buy fresh Baby Steaks, and maybe a few pints of blood? My local source is closed cuts to COVID, and I’m two weeks behind in my offerings to Lord Satan, and I’ve been unable to pay fealty to Goddess Hillary, due to travel restrictions. I’m certain you can appreciate my dilemma. I’m throwing four Baby Steak s on the BBQ for some proper SB tailgating, and I’m really running low.

In the meantime, don’t listen to the doctors. The voices really are talking to you. 😂

(Oh my fucking god, I could never even write this shit and expect it to sell, and I’ve worked on-set for Pat Robertson broadcasts.)

Also, FWIW, when Pat Robertson, who looks like he’s about 175 years old, tells people that something is fucking nuts, well, it can’t get any more real than that.

I honestly think that the only thing that would work at this point would be seeing Abe Lincoln’s reanimated corpse rise from the grave, fly to South Florida, bitch-slap Trump, and eat his ravaged body on the Eighteenth Tee, and that may still fail to convince some of the diehards.

Oh, one last question: Where are we hiding JFK Jr? We could use him about now.

Gotta run. Mollock calls, and he gets a bit bitchy when he has to wait on the Virgin sacrifices.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.