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1983 Season. Defending Super Bowl Champion beats a Conference Champion by 2 points, 47-45 in the regular season. The team that lost was missing several defenders and a 17-0 run in the game helped the winning team get the victory.

Later that season, Super Bowl 18, those same defending champions who scored the most points at the time in NFL History and had a top defense played the same team in the big game that they had beat earlier by 2. Except this time, the challengers were healthy. Another factoid, was that Super Bowl was played in Tampa. That was Washington vs Los Angeles Raiders. Final Score. Los Angeles 38 Washington 9. Sounds like a similar setup? Basically the same thing. I expect the same result. Bucs beat the Chefs comfortably with them scoring late to make the game closer than it really will be. Tampa Bay dominates!!!! BUCS 38 Chefs 24.