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Peter Pan is talking about March 4th. From Forbes article: Trump’s DC Hotel Is Jacking Up Rates For QAnon’s Next Special Date



Great post, and thanks for the added insight. IMHO, this is exactly like what happened when Heaven’s Gate leader “Ti” died before their expected rendezvous with the mothership. Had she not died of cancer, “Do” (Applewhite), would not have had to adapt the narrative. (There is a really incredible new mini-series on HBOMax, which really goes into detail on the human side of the group, including the rare things from cults of allowing their members to leave at any time, should they doubt, but would take them back. It really is a sad narrative.)

That said, I was unaware of the Grant stuff. I never read any internet news, and stay in my bubble. (I do love Landover Baptist, though. It is like The Onion, in it’s delivery of parody and satire; however, the LB group is comprised of Theology majors that found the contradictions in what they were being taught. That site has been up as long as I can remember, and never stops pleasing. Their knowledge of actual Bible passages to back their “stories” makes it even more fun. They incur the ire of the “faithful” who believe that they are writing truth, and they piss off the rest of the world whom, I imagine, don’t recognise that their stories are done in parody.)

On the part of your post I quoted, leave it to Trump to profit from his “believers”. I imagine, for Trump, it’s Profit over Prophet.

I wonder how the narrative will change after the first week of March. Perhaps Q doesn’t want to create turmoil at the expense of Collegiate Basketball, and Lord Trump will seize power during the MLB All-Star break? There’s always gonna be a back-up plan. Cults don’t die off without a fight, whether it be by FBI Raid or Civil Injunction.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.