A humble Guest

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Hello. I’m a very Loyal Chiefs fan here, and I would like to congratulate you on an amazing victory tonight, I think the tale of the tape will show us Reid didn’t have us ready to play again. And it showed, as a result, we got outmuscled on both sides of the ball and quite frankly got our asses kicked, I hope this is a humbling experience for our guys and shows them that nothing is certain and they are human and can be beaten. One thing I hated was all the damn jaw jacking the guys were doing leading up to the game I knew It was gonna bite them in the butt if they didn’t bring it in return and unfortunately they didn’t. My advice to them would just keep your mouth shut and play the game, let your game do the talking. Once again Congratulations to the Bucs and Brady you earned this one tonight. I hope we can play each other next year and maybe get a little payback.