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Guys, our offensive and defensive play-calling was FANTASTIC tonight. Bowles AND Leftwich called near perfect games.

Committing to the run game, the creative screen passes and play action on 1st downs to take the heat off the Chiefs aggressive defensive playcalling, brilliance on behalf of Lefty and BA.

Bowles called a HELLUVA game as well. This is the first time the Bucs literally abandoned the run defense and it worked out for us. We very seldomly blitzed, but my god the pressure we got from a 4 man rush. I heard on sports center, 29 pressures on 56 dropbacks from Mahommes. I feel like Lavante blanketed Kelce in man coverage all game.. playing Dean on Tyreek in man coverage instead of Davis, very smart.

ZERO TDs to this Chiefs offense… we smacked the shit out of them. WOOOOOO! GOOOO BUCS!!!!