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I am not sure of the exact cap numbers….feel like I have seen we have in the $25 – $30 Million range. Then there could always be some restructuring. So in general, my expectations are that Fournette will exit to the biggest bidder. I think Gronk, AB, Suh and David will return. I would love to have both Barrett and Godwin back, but I fear in the end we may have to choose one of them….and my gut thinks the FO may lean toward retaining Barrett.

I think the goal should be to find a way to keep Godwin and Barrett. Also, I am not sure what the play is in regards to OJ Howard. I would love to see him get a chance to run with this group for a season to see if he can play to his potential. Finally, do we bring back Donovan Smith at his number, or move on to free up cap space….move Wirfs to the Left side and backfill the right OT?