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The 2002 defense was pretty clearly the better overall defense. But you could argue the 2020 defense had a better playoff run, although the 2002 run was pretty damn impressive too.

2002 – allowed 12.3 PPG:

Allowed 6 points to Jeff Garcia’s 49ers (13th scoring offense) – 3 Int and 4 sacks
Allowed 10 points to Donovan McNabb’s Eagles (4th scoring offense) – 1 Int, 2 sacks, and TD
Allowed 21 points to MVP Rich Gannon’s Raiders (2nd scoring offense) – 5 Int, 5 sack, and 3 TD’s

2020 – allowed 19.5 PPG:

Allowed 23 points to Tayor Heinicke’s WFT (25th scoring offense) – 1 Int and 2 sacks
Allowed 20 points to Drew Brees’ Saints (5th scoring offense) – 3 Int
Allowed 26 points to MVP Aaron Rodger’s Packers (1st scoring offense) – 1 Int and 5 sacks
Allowed 9 points to Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs (6th scoring offense) – 2 Int and 3 sacks

I’d argue the dismantling of that Raiders offense was even more impressive than what the Bucs did to Mahomes and Co. yesterday. That score was 34-3 with 2:30 minutes left in the third quarter before the Raiders got a few garbage time TD’s.