Diehard Astheycome

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Yes it is !! A great day !!
Good point about Lore as well.
I put on Twitter that Tampa D now has SB lore with defensive dominance!
They now made a statement in TWO SBs, both times as dogs vs top passing attacks. Both being unprecedented in ways.
The 02’ with the INTs and scoring on D and 20’s dominance against a player and offense that’s NEVER been shutdown like that. A QB lead team that was crowned as the most unstoppable QB n attack we have seen.

Goes back to the other 2 close calls in our only two NFC title game loses-
Lee Roy trying to win 6-3 n 9-0 games in 79’, as well as 99’ squad trying to stop the then “ Greatest show on turf” in a 6-5 game with 4 mins to go.

I personally prefer being a defensive bully over offensive point machine. This franchise now has proven to be just that in the four times they got close or in. Even the backs on both SB teams were HARD, PHYSICAL runners. A-train-Pittman then Fournette/ Rojo last night.

Great day for all Bucs fans!! Two Lombardis is a big deal. Especially when some still don’t have one.