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tough one. Barrett needs to be valued more than Godwin, lets just get that out of the way. we currently have 20mil tied into TEs. both Brate and Howard make up 12mil and all of that can be cleared out by releasing them. Gronk is coming back at at least the same price which was 8 or 9mil (I forget). Evans is will to take less, but hes already under paid so I dont see that happening.. This depends on how much Godwin values a couple more million vs playing with the GOAT and going for another ring. Worst case tho, we have to let him walk and that allows us to pay for one more year of Howard. If Howard lives up to his potential, then the combo of Evans, AB, Gronk, Howard, Miller, ROJO, and potentially an early round RB with hands is all pretty nice. Personally though I think both Brate and Howard get the Axe and Godwin takes a hometown discount