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Oh yes she’s really something.


She said she was open to Modern Monetary Theory, a burgeoning theory among some economists positing that the federal debt is not an economic restraint for the US. She said the idea, which holds that the government doesn’t need to balance the budget and that budget surpluses actually hurt the economy, “absolutely” needed to be “a larger part of our conversation.”

I cannot stress how dangerous these ideas are. She’s talking about a state so large that it encompasses the entire economy. That government spending through government jobs and projects can stimulate the economy to infinity and with no reprecussions.

Can’t you see how scary this is? She’s talking about a surplus being a bad thing. Because the entire discussion once flipped on it’s head the way she wants is over. It’s over! The whole discussion will always and foreever be a ramping up of spending, governement jobs, projects and initiatives. The only way to fix things will always be for the governement to spend more money. This is sick.