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Nugent, definitely Ted Nugent. My ears would ring for a week or two after a Nuge concert.

Absolutely. I completely forgot about Nugent. He was always incredible. I saw him in ‘79 at the Cap Centre, with Scorpions opening, and Blackfoot at the middle band.

I saw him again in ‘80, same venue, but with Scorpions as the middle group and Def Leppard as the opener. They were both awesome shows.

A fun memory from ‘79, as I was walking into the show, I was talking to some guy who was there for, IMHO, one of the most fun reasons I’ve ever heard for attending a concert. He was a waiter and he waited in The Scorpions at the restaurant. They couldn’t afford to tip him, so instead they have him tickets to the show. Gotta love that.

Also, tbh, I think any band that ever opened for Nugent gained success later. I’m not certain how the openers were picked, but they were always up and coming bands, primarily early in their careers.

Fast-forward to ‘85, and I’m at &the Monsters of Rock Tour, with Scorpions sharing the headlines with Van Halen. Metallica was the third of a five band show, and Kingdom “Clone” as one of the early bands. I really can’t remember the fifth band. L.A. Guns? I’d have to consult The Google. That was a long day at RFK, and very hot. Lots of beer that day.

But yeah, Nugent should eventually donate to my hearing aid fund, should I live so long to need them. 😎 🎸

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.