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government contractor making good bank but could barely pay his bills.

Also, to be clear, as a contractor my salary was average for contractors. I made a lot more as a GS14 which is an actual Federal Employee, yet I tripled my income by going into UK television, so my switch to a UK company had nothing to do with US pay rates. I worked for the UK Media and spent very little time in the US. I was only here for the occasional US broadcast and when we sold Studio time to Pat Roberson, and I had to work on-set for CBN.

Also, if you wish to complain, go after the Religious Right. They would fleece $20m from people here, and they would do it over a weekend. If I wanted to clean up financially, I’d get a haircut and become a televangelist. I’ve seen how they do it. It’s an easy model to follow.

(Granted, the Q Shaman Asshole has shown that not any idiot can turn religion into cash. I’d still love to see the ghost of Sitting Bull bitch slap him and shove his horns up his ass.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.