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Speaking different languages? Like Spanish? A little history lesson. The oldest city in America is St. Augustine, Florida. Florida, like six other states, has a Spanish name. How did that happen? We took over Spanish territories and the people in them. They aren’t coming here, we came there!

We took California, Texas and the other states from the Spanish. We took Puerto Rico and made it part of the United States. They didn’t demand to become an American territory. We invited in the Braceros to work American farms because they were cheap labor. America is a Hispanic country by heritage. Why do you really care what language people speak? Don’t worry. English will still be the preferred option around the world, not just in the US. You’ll still be able to speak English, but oh no what a tragedy if you drive through a Burger King in Miami and the person spoke Spanish to you. Oh no that would be so terrible it would probably cause you to get the wrong order. America is doomed! Why do you really care whether people speak Spanish or another language?

And we continue to bring people in for cheap labor and then we call them lazy freeloaders for political gain. If you want to bring them in then bring them in. If you don’t, stop hiring them! I’m just saying stop being hypocritical about it and hiring them and then building a wall to supposedly keep them out! Trump never had any intention of keeping them out. If they were gone, who would he demonize? His biggest political issue would be gone.

I’m just saying stop being hypocritical about it. We’re the ones inviting them up here to work and then we demonize them and call them lazy. Just stop it already.