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The Bucs got to the Super Bowl with invaluable contributions from Evans, Godwin, Miller, RoJo, and others on the team last year. What are you talking about @theknees? In fact, Evans may have had a touchdown if it was not for the PI. RoJo almost scored. Brate contributed. Besides, who brought in Gronk, Brown and Fournette–Brady did. Who did Winston bring in to help the team?

Even after the Bucs won the Super Bowl, your primary goal is still defending Winston. You said that you would only come around if the Bucs won the Super Bowl with Brady. They did, now do your part.

I’m talking about the actual Super Bowl game. Evans is a top Buc of all time, maybe #1 ever on offense. So I am not knocking any of the heritage Bucs at all. My point is, Brady, Gronk, AB, and Lenny were not on this team at this point last year. So, yeah, it’s a much different team than it was in 2019. It’s not just one player.