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I am in the camp that they will not sign Godwin. I don’t think we can afford to pay two number 1 receivers. (and probably shouldn’t)..Evans, Brown (on a resign) and Miller and Johnson can get the job done, just look at the Super Bowl game as a model, resembled the pats, tight ends and whoever has the match up, not forcing to one receiver. This is where I would save the money.

I like the idea of keeping the D together for one more year. Probably won’t happen. But its how we won in 2002, and this year…Great D

Suh is probably more valuable than we all realize, and part of two consecutive years of back to back great run defenses, probably not an accident.

Man..I love David and he’s been playing so hard for so long, and still played at a high level all year and in the biggest game of the year…Yes he’s older now, but for us to repeat, he would be a priority.

Shaq…played better late in the year and was a force resembling last year…he said he wants to stay…not sure what that price looks like…

and get Fournette back!