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This is a trial, not the Inquisition. Its not to decide good or evil. Its not about the entirety of a person’s existence. Its about the part Donald Trump played in one of the most sordid events in American History. We already know how that will turn out in regards to the Senate. You need 67 votes, 2/3rds. They won’t get that. The real jury is the American people. They deserve to have all the documentation laid out for them about this whole episode, so they can see what really happened. All of it. So it won’t be shoved under the rug for the rest of history. Then each person will have to decide for themselves what should be the legacy of this President in regards to this event.

Whatever side you are on, you have to agree that the American people deserve the whole story. They deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Chron, You mean this prize?