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I don’t think you understand the concept of improving. You need to identify weakness(es). Either you improve or someone else can take your spot to solidify the chink in the armor.

I wanted White 5th overall and saw him as the heir apparent for LVD. I miscalculated on White’s coverage skills. I can admit that. 2019 reveals that. 2020 regular season shows that again. Once LVD retires as a Buc, then it’s all on White. Can White do that LVD does? I hope so, but we gotta see consistent improvement.

What makes White’s situation different for us Buc fans is the fact we have LVD on our roster. LVD was a 2nd round pick who was the man in his rookie year and became superman in his sophomore season with us. That’s the standard many of us have for an LB.

My question is, “Why don’t other fans want to have that standard to compare with?

Brady is a high standard. He’ll be the standard for us from now on at QB if you thought Winston was the franchise. Being an FSU fan, I wanted Winston with the Bucs. But when I watched Gruden’s camp, Gruden identified a few flaws with Winston: 1) never throws to the check-down, 2) have a favorite receiver, and 3) always thinks every route is open for his favorite receiver. I didn’t want to believe it, but it all showed in Winston’s rookie year. When your head coach commands Winston to throw to other WR’s besides Evans, then you know Winston’s flaws all existed. Remember Winston’s first pass was a pick-6. That means Winston didn’t pay attention to the defense post-snap.

We won the Super Bowl due to great team play. I want to continue being in the Super Bowl conversations from now on. White improving his coverage skills makes it so much to be in that conversation into the future.

Many of us on here adhere to nuance. Apparently, you aren’t cognizant there’s a difference between being critical and being obnoxious.