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Is it the ref’s fault Mahomes went into the half with 67 passing yards?

If I’m going to be honest I didn’t like the PI call on Mike’s go route, or the PI call in the endzone either. Those calls weren’t made in the NFCCG, the playoffs should have some form of consistency…But to say the refs cost KC the game is laughable.

Andy Reid messed up calling 2 time outs when it looked like the Bucs were ready to go into halftime with a 14-6 lead. He got greedy.

Hardman was lined up offside on the FG attempt, that’s a brutal mistake that cost them.

Kelce dropped a HUGE 3rd down play which just KILLED any momentum after a big goal line stand by their defense.

The coaches failed to adjust at half time by running more max protect, either putting an extra lineman in the game or using another tight end, and they didn’t couldn’t seem to get the ball out quickly and they stopped running the ball, which was working fairly well given how the D was focused on stopping the pass.

The Bucs were the better team on Sunday, they deserved to win that game. Period.