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Which are all are less than the “low” salary of 150k.

Funny how the avowed socialist thinks that 350k is a reasonable salary yet looks down at the shithole working man on 50k.

First, nowhere do I look down on period of lesser means. I look down in this shithole country that, unlike the EU, expects people to have no safety net, no health insurance, and no true representation in government, unless you are fortunate enough to have ssn employer that provides those things. Every other first-world nation offers a living wage. Here, waitresses are paid about $3 an hour and must pray to the tip gods. I think the 75 / 150 cap on stimulus is fine. My list of state levels simply support that this isn’t a “Blue State” issue. Plenty of line workers get fucked in the ass annually by Tyson and Perdue. Ever drive through the Eastern Shore? Chicken Shit is not a pleasant odor, yet Maryland is a “Blue State”. If you doubt that there is a lack o of poverty in “Blue States”, take a stroll through Baltimore one evening. You could even pick up a war bride in Pig Town. (Southern part of Balmer, officially called Brooklyn. All poor white trailer folk there). The hard part is surviving the stroll through Balmer. Alternatively, you could visit the housing projects, like the I grew up in, after my father booked in ‘71, once he had his green card and couldn’t be drafted. You may survive for about fifteen minutes. Those projects are why I worked until 3AM most nights to pay my way through my insanely priced high school. I PAID MY OWN TUITION, along with my car payment and insurance. FWIW, living in a project is a great motivator to get the fuck out of a project, yet all I see here is people bitching about others living off of “free money”. Try it for a weekend. (My project was on the D.C. side. Balmer was probably a step up). So, yeah, I was able to work my ass off to get the fuck into better paying positions. I also managed to do it without dealing drugs or being in a gang. (Later on, I did know a good number of MS13, though. The one bar I frequent when going home is an MS13 bar). So, in short, I make no excuses and feel no guilt that I was able to get those high paying jobs. I also had nothing handed to me. Divorce settlements around 1971 sucked; however, Wife #3 succeed in taking over $1m from my father when he was about to move on to Wife #4.

So, yeah, you call me a socialist like I should be offended by that? I doubt Ché would have an issue with me; however, we’ll never know, as he was assassinated by the CIA in 1965. Also, to reiterate, Batista was a dictator, nor a democratically elected leader. He was just a dictator that was friendly with the US. He gathered as many, if not more, people up for execution than Castro. When my friend’s family from way back escaped Cuba,, it wasn’t because of Castro. It was because Batista was executing anyone he deemed a threat, which meant anyone under fifty that could fire a rifle. If you’re going to complain about Cuba, you should, at the least, do a little research first.

In the fifties, Cuba was just a producer of sugar cane did the US. Up until the 80s, 90% of Guatemala was controlled by US Fruit, so we’re could get cheap bananas. The locals were starving because they couldn’t farm their own lands.

The ONLY thing I ever recorded from my father was Canadian citizenship. I’m just glad he was too much of a coward to risk being drafted. (Who knows, though. My grandfather, born in London, UK in 1896, fought in WWI and WWII. When he died at 92, it was from shrapnel he still had in his stomach from 1915, so I can’t judge my father for the shit he did. I never had to live his life.

Also, should you wish to look down on anyone, walk a mile in their fucking shoes first. Unlike most peeps here, I’m an open book. I’ve been using DCGoth since before Prodigy and dial-up. Also, remain cognisant that the internet is a work of fiction, do not believe everything you find to be accurate. (Which is why I blow OT shit about always referencing Rumble as his main “source” of info).

Also, yes I remain constant in my Bible that this is a shithole country that could give a fuck about people lacking in means. In fact, those people are fucked in stereo. First from the giant, and in the other side by assholes who like to slot everyone that needs public assistance into a category of lazy, unmotivated people who are happy to live off of what the government gives them.

I’ve walked on that path, and the myth of people taking advantage of “handouts” is just as much bullshit as the Q stories. I can’t think of a single person, in my entire life, who was happy to live that way.

Here’s one last fun bit of info for you. I had to start sounding newspapers, back when that was a thing, at the age of eleven. That allowed me to have some $$. Part of my route was a seventeen story high-rise. Sunday mornings I would have to walk around people shooting up in the stairwells, but that was commonplace. When I was twelve, I had to collect from a lady who’s family I knew. She could better afford the $1.15, but on that night she paid me. The next morning I wake up to a parking lot filled with police and Ambulances. This lady was disturbed that her husband was drinking again, and lost his job, so about an hour after I left the apartment, she put a bullet in his head. She then put another bullet into the heads of her two teens, followed by her three year-old, and saved the last one for herself. Back then, the news would show the entire crime scene on camera, a bunch of beds soaked with more blood that one would see in a combat film. The three year-old lived for about a week. So, yeah, another family happy to live on the public dole, I guess?

Now you can understand that, when I write literary it’s dark. You write what you live. You still have to have the creativity, though. I can teach anyone to write. I can’t teach them talent, though. (Also why you’ll never see me on the NYT Best Seller list. Although a few of my friends have been there. I’m happy publishing to shit literary journals, and just writing horror in my films. There is no money in horror, unless you are Stephen King, John Carpenter or Wes Craven. I’m good with that, though.

So, welcome to my nightmare. (Apologies to Alice Cooper).

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.