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In Florida, people have to work in the actual economy

You don’t understand shit about economics. Floriduh is an entire state based upon an economy reliant on the service industry that feeds off of tourism. Why rose would DeSenseless open up so early? It’s because he needs those tourist dollars and to him, his electorate is expendable. People down here are just too fucking stupid to know better, which I assume is why the Confederacy lost the war, and they’re still pissed about that. That war ended. Minorities are your equal. Get used to it.

For the rest, Reece the above response to Spartan. I’m not typing all of that shit over again.

I will reiterate, though. Walk a mile in my fucking shoes before you make generalisations on a few board postings. Republicans are full of shit now and they’ve always been full of shit. Plus it still doesn’t excuse Europeans from stealing this land from it’s rightful owners and then shoving them on reservations. I’m just fucking glad I had no family here back then. This country is an embarrassment to the real first world. Try to get an abortion here and you’re a baby killer. The US rule is to wait until they reach adulthood and execute them. I guess it’s all in the timing.

The US, in having a Death Penalty, is right up there with the Middle East, Russia, China, and the third world. Isn’t it about time this country tries to take a few lessons from Europe?

The war ended. The cousin-fuckers lost. It’s time to move on from 1865.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.