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People who work for the government are supposed to be the servants of the taxpayers.

In a society that respects business and free enterprise that is how it is.

No, people in government are Civil Servants. That goes way beyond taxpayers.

Also, I do not edict or believe in any form of free enterprise. You should venture out of this state. In Maryland, if you need to call an Ambulance, it’s free. It comes out of state taxes and is distributed to everyone. Just because you’re poor, you don’t have to call an Über if you’re having a heart attack.

In countries where this is practiced, you wait in lines that can last most of the day to get some form stamped by some official so that you can travel to the next county only to see the friends and neighbors of this functionary, skip to the front of the line.

This paragraph tells me you’ve most likely never been outside of US borders, and you’ve definitely not experienced life in any of those places you think exist that way. Most of the EU have open borders. If you are in any of the C4 nations, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, I forget the fourth, you travel freely between countries.

There are a number of other examples. The Berlin Wall fell awhile ago. The Iron Curtain isn’t very “Iron” these days. I’ll give you India and Pakistan, primarily because they hate each other. You can also get around pretty easily these days in Southeast Asia. It’s still a pain to get into North Korea, but who would actually want to go to North Korea?

Most people in Southern India don’t go very far, but getting to the border from Chennai is a pretty long ass ride, and most peeps there ride small, 250cc, motorcycles. They also shared the roads with carts being pulled by bicycle or oxen.

The biggest pain in that ass country that I’ve experienced is Israel, coming or going. (Which is fine. Not many Israelis want to stroll into Jordan. It’s not that difficult, though. The borders are all mostly fortified to the north, and the Gaza Strip. Flying into Tel Aviv, off of the Mediterranean, looks a lot like flying into Miami, except with nicer beaches.

I’m not even certain that it’s too difficult getting into the CIS countries these days.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.