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white person compliment another white person

Pasty White People? Really? I guess racists get PO’ed when things hit too close to home.

Also, considering I’ve been in the Goth Scene since before it was even called the Goth Scene, I’m probably pastier than the average pasty white folk.

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work. You can’t have both White Privilege, AND be limited to play the Race Card. I’m certain you’ve been oppressed by The Man, and get a little nervous if you see Blue flashing lights behind you on the highway.

During the World Bank protest, I was able to move freely through stats filled with tear gas and walk right up to the police barricade in front of D.C. Superior Court. Granted, I was key personnel and had to flag my badge once I got to the cars, yet I walked freely up to a police barricade and not a single one drew on me. (We were told to hide our badges in advance, prior to coming into work).

The GS12s that worked under me, and were a few shades darker weren’t as easy around the police lines. I had to walk out and bring them into work, while first telling the officers that they worked with me, yet at were all DoJ.

So, I’m sorry. The Black Experience trumps White Privilege. Get back to me when you’ve been oppressed. I’m certain The Man is close by.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.