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I haven’t lived most of my life in “better countries” as you have but I’ve been to Eastern Europe several times. It seems like a place you ought to visit as you’re education is sorely lacking. I’ve seen the collective farms that still stand in every Ukrainian village. There are generations of older folk there who are so used to having the state take care of them that they still pine to be back working on the collective farm. I’ve seen hospitals that would make a sophisticated EU socialist like you puke in the first bucket you come across. This is the result of nearly 100 years of socialism. Free healthcare… Try google and enjoy it DC.

You are woefully misguided. The future you strive for is a monstrosity because it will devolve and it will devolve faster when those systems don’t have to hold them up to relatively more free economies. That is why the big push to bring the U.S. into the fold. NHS is barely functioning in the U.K. Treatments are denied, costs are out of control and lines are way beyond what an American has come to expect of their healthcare. If NHS is forced to keep up standards of care produced in a free (More free) market then it will eventually collapse. The same can be said for Canada.

And this all goes back to the single biggest reason why the future you work towards is a horror. It’s because this future demands the crushing of individual liberty to prop up collective goals. Already Canadians and Europeans have been conditioned to accept a loss of dignity and choice in healthcare and all other facets of life. There was baby Charlie, the shutting down of the country in the U.K. and the shutting down of Travel in Canada. All in the name of the collective good. But the individual is the highest possible form of civilization. A society that respects all individuals rights to make decisions and choices that affect their happiness is the untried perfect future, not some world where the state takes care of all facets of life and looks out for everyone’s best interests whether you agree what that is or not.