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pffft…. that’s it? I’m a racist?

It’s either out of bounds to choose a physical characteristic of a race of people to make fun of them or it isn’t. This is obvious to any objective person.

Squinty eyes Chinese jokes are out. Nappy headed little black kid jokes are also taboo.

This is a symptom of the lefts illness. I think the great civil rights leaders of the past would be aghast at the way the left takes pride in wielding the hammer of racism at the bad guys.

If you believe in individual liberty as I do, you believe whole heartedly in the right of all human beings regardless of race, sexual preference or appearance to live the life they choose. This doesn’t mean that you can force people to associate. The government, State or Federal, should never make decisions based on race. Government should always be completely colorblind regarding any services provided, job postings, subsidies, college admissions, everything that you can imagine. The breaking down of society into little groups for special treatment is the most destructive thing that has happened to society over the last century.

I appreciate that some of these injustices were a reaction to state sponsored injustices, where the state discriminated against people based on race or other characteristics. I agree that those things were a terrible injustice but the answer is not to dole out special treatments in a more equitable way. That goes for your pasty white comment just as it does for college admissions and racial quotas.