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@spartan (btw, yeah, always typos. I rarely use my system for much, other than writing, (Final Draft & Word), editing, (Final Cut Pro), and Gaming, (WoW for Mac and Eve.) Most other things, these days, I do on phone, iPad, or Gaming System (these days, mostly Switch).

Yet your Dad’s 3rd wife took him for a million? In 1971? In the projects?

I figured I’d break this up, for ease of reference. No, my father divorced my mom in ‘71. Back then, women mostly stayed at home, so when he booked, the divorce settlement was shit, and since 1959 or so, my mom was just a housewife. She had some bookkeeping experience from the mid ‘50s, plus women distant get jobs with much Eade back then.

A quick few points on my father:

He was born in Ontario, 1936. (Due to Cámara not being a country yet, my father was also a subject to the crown, along with my grandparents and uncles. My grandfather was born ™ The UK, though).

My father’s family came here in 1955. My grandfather and Uncles all worked for either the British or Canadian Embassies. (WhyI was broom in D.C.) None of them ever took citizenship here. My father wasn’t too keen on embassy work. As a result, he needed a Green Card. Wife #1 happened around ‘56 – ‘57 or so. That lasted about six months.

My mom was wife #2. Married in ‘58. I was born and followed by two brothers. E were raised Catholic, as that was from my mom’s side. Once my father had his Green Card, and he had enough kids, plus sentiment in the war was coming. My father booked from us, in ‘71. My mom found some bookkeeping work, finally working for the C Archdiocese of Washington. It still didn’t pay much and since the divorce serpent was laughable, that’s what sent up into the projects.

Wife #3 came six weeks after the divorce was filed. (Loophole in Nevada law made that possible.) Do in ‘72, my father had one more kid with Wife #3. During that time, my father purchased two stores and two apartment buildings in Northern Virginia. That was just before all estate took off, so he made a killing.

Apparently, my father wasn’t much more happy with Wife #3, though. Apparently he was also still somewhat abusive. What was discipline in the ‘60s became “abuse” by sometime in the 80s. My father almost went to prison for child abuse on the kid from Wife #3. By ‘91 or so, he was treated to one more divorce. Because things were different in the ‘90s, plus he had amused a good bit of capital, Wife #3 was rewarded over $1m, leaving him a good bit, but a million, back then, had to have hurt some. Also, during that time, my father never included old family with new, so during my ten years, until I was out of the Army I saw him twice. Since 1991, I’ve seen him two more times, the last time being ten years ago.

Wife #4 was already wealthy, from her family, and also just eight years older than me. He’s eight-five and he still buys a house every two years is so. I guess he collects them. He currently owns one in Tennessee, one in Wyoming, one in Spokane, and two in Port Angeles.

Out of myself, my one brother still living, and the kid from Wife #3, In
I’m the only one who ever even still speaks to him, since the 80s. I won’t inherit anything, so I’m not losing sleep on that. I’m good with just getting the Canadian citizenship. I have no say over what my brother, or his other kid does, but I just got tired of being angry into my late twenties. IMHO, holding onto shit for forty years didn’t work for me, plus I’m no one to judge him. I never had to live his life. In the end, I only have to be satisfied with myself. (He’s also in mid-stage Alzheimer’s, so I doubt there will be a Wife #5.)

Che was killed by the Bolivian army

True on Che. Half the time I’m lucky to catch his name after autocorrect. The years was a Fat Finger Syndrome thing. (People need little teen fingers to toe on a phone, and mine are all large.)

While I am aware he was killed in Bolivia, it was a CIA hit. I’m pretty certain that’s been declassified by now. I would also be willing to bet that, despite the comments from US sources that they no longer kill people in covert ops, Is be stopping to guess that there’s been a questionable death or two since they “stopped”.

Same with Chemical and Biological Weapons. Theoretically, we’re not supposed to have them. We all know that’s not true.

It’s quite ironic because even in LA which you use as an example the current average incoming is mid 70’s. 350k “back then” (which sounds like quite a while ago) would have been a HUGE amount of money.

Also true about the income in Los Angeles; however, like anew York and D.C., there are some really bad neighbourhoods there that limit income when it’s factored to an average or median. Los Angeles still actually has areas with rent control, in some pretty decent locations, plus there is also Compton, and a good number of areas that have an inequity from others living close by.

In close friends, I have a friend that was in Brentwood, followed by Bel Air. (She just recently moved to San Jose. No idea why.) With her, whom I’ve known since she was fifteen, her father was an Executive VP with Merrill Lynch. Once she earned her Masters, she’s been a trust-fund kid ever since. She doesn’t need to work and she spend her summers with her mother, who lives in Spain.

My other friends there, that are closest, one is an EVP for BoA, and another owns a pretty large construction company.

That said, I also know some people, through films, who live somewhat close to LAX, around La Cienega and El Segundo. People living down there still have to pay about $2,000 to cover rent, though.

California overall drops in State numbers due to it being such a large state, with all of the decent places to live being much higher than having a place close to Barstow. So, IMHO, it’s really difficult to properly define any part of California, even Los Angeles.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.