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I haven’t lived most of my life in “better countries” as you have but I’ve been to Eastern Europe several times. It seems like a place you ought to visit


First, in reference to the examples you list, you will notice that I parenthetically exclude CIS States. Considering you’ve been to the region, I would assume that you would know what the CIS States,(Содружество Независимых Государств), are.

Originally: “Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan”, Georgia left, while The Ukraine and Turkmenistan never ratified membership, but still participate in CIS treaties and such, so, right there, I’ve already responded. Also, FWIW, while in AIT, that was comprised of sixty weeks to learn Russian. I will admit that my Russian is Rudy, though.

At any rate, I’m not certain where you get that I’ve bounced from one desirable country to the next. As I mentioned, I worked for UK Television, so most of my destinations are past territories of the UK. Last I’ve checked, very few people have any desire to vacation in Southern India, or South Africa. I could probably also include Israel in that group, as most people I encounter there are usually on some type of religious-based travel package, or they’re there on business. (Nothing like kicking back beer in a hotel bar, sitting next to a priest visiting from The Vatican. Any time I’m in decent parts of the globe, I’m usually visiting friends, on my own dime.

Also, health care in most of the EU is not as bad as CIS Nations. That said, while working in India, I had to be treated for Cholera. (Not a fun thing to deal with, btw). So, at any rate, I have no complaints with the medical care I received in Chennai. The entire cost of treatment, including meds), cost me roughly $2 US. That included a script for Cipro.

As far as the “nice” places, you don’t sound very informed on how it even why most of the EU has National health care. You’ll have to reference the WWII agreements of You wish to learn further.

That said, I have never met a single person who has complained about The NHS, or the Canadian System. Actually, the inverse is true. I’ve never heard a single bad word about either. Also, recently, Nim Carey has stated a number of times that he’s never paid for a single Rx in his life. John Oliver once did an entire show that spoke of the quality of care given by the NHS.

As far as some lines, in some of the more needy countries, at least you get an appointment. Here, should you not have insurance and you have cancer, chances are you’ll never know you have cancer until it’s too late, plus, with no insurance, there is no lines to await treatment because you are on your own.

Try living on a $12 hr wage, or so, like a lot of people down here. You are above the poverty level, so no Medicaid, yet you probably aren’t employed with an employer that offers health care, and even if you are, who can afford medical bills on a $12 an hour job. Florida chose not to expand the ACA, so that is not an option here.

So, since it seems that you’re most familiar with The Ukraine, I imagine that’s related to a K1 Visa?

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.